T32 Training Opportunities

The BCB T32 training program strives to offer unique and highly beneficial training opportunities to its participates based on needs and professional development goals.  This page details upcoming opportunities for training in the BCB T32 Program.


  • Spring Grant Writing Module

The BCB T32 training program will offer a one credit module designed to introduce participants to the grant application process.  From finding grant opportunities to assembling a successful grants package, this course is developed to help future scientists learn how to be successful in grants submission and management.

  • Speaker Selection Committee

BCB T32 participants have the opportunity to serve as the committee to invite student hosted non-UNC guests to the Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Friday Seminar Series during UNC’s Fall and Spring semesters.  (One guest each term.)  Students on this committee not only select the invited presenters, but are also included in one-on-one events such as meals and scientific discussions during these visits.