Welcome to the BCB Carolina T32 Training Program!

Students in UNC Chapel Hill Bioinformatics and Computational Biology training program are an elite group competitively selected from active second year BCB PhD and MD/PhD candidates.  Weight in their selection is given to the student’s past academic record, their participation in the program, the potential impact of their research, and their PI’s active participation in the BCB training process.  Candidates are required to be a US citizen.  Each year BCB offers a limited number of slots to a very select few individuals.  BCB T32 participants receive a variety of unique and specialized training opportunities during their year in the program.  A sample of these opportunities is found under the T32 Training Opportunities menu.

The UNC Bioinformatics and Computational Biology curriculum seeks to train the next generation of scientists with the computational and quantitative skills and knowledge of cell and molecular biology required to make important contributions to modern biological and biomedical research. The BCB curriculum also strives to provide students with the professional skills required to succeed in an academic or industrial environment.

Since its inception in 2002, the BCB program has had strong connections with a number of interdisciplinary programs, including the Curriculum in Genetics and Molecular Biology, Molecular and Cellular Biophysics Program and Curriculum in Toxicology.

For more information or questions about the UNC Chapel Hill Bioinformatics and Computational Biology training program, contact us today!